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The Global Management of our Planet

Blog from the Herald Sun in Australia:

“Sure, this talk of the warmists at Copenhagen planning a new ‘world government’ is crazy. I just wish the warmists wouldn’t talk of it themselves. Take the new and first president of the European Union, Herman Van Rompuy:

The Climate Conference in Copenhagen is another step forward towards the ‘global management of our planet…'”

UPDATE: speaking of climate change and global governance … What happens when we find out the “warmists” (“scientists” that is) are colluding together to oust skeptics, silence opposition, discredit dissent, and are intentionally “milking”/manipulating data for their own selfish ends? Corruption is rampant in this movement, from Al Gore’s back room ties to Ken Lay, the former Enron executive, and the former Goldman CEO (which Gore denies of course), who both apparently helped to architect new green carbon swap markets (you know, the type of markets Enron created that didn’t actually exist? Or the type of swaps markets at the center of the crash of ’08?), to scientists being caught intentionally setting temperature sensors next to heat exhaust vents on buildings in the arctic circle … and now this.

Come on people, this stuff is a giant hoax designed and implemented for these three things: $$, power and control. I’m honestly sad for the masses of people duped by this non-science, because as Aldous Huxley was almost prophetic in predicting, mass media is being combined with politics and the power of suggestion to get the masses on your side. I’m not really at all frustrated with the regular people who have been manipulated by this movement, so much as the business leaders and scientists pushing it on a grand scale. I’m pro-environment and I’m fine with new technological innovations to not waste all of the resources we have to be sure, but I am staunchly opposed to the climate change movement. It’s a complete fraud and I believe history will prove that to be the case, much in the same way eugenics was.

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