Don’t Be Afraid – Russell Moore

It is a sad day … no, not about health care. It is sad to see so many, I would even venture to say a majority of fellow believers (many possibly assumed believers of the verbally violent conservative bent) controlled more by their affections and longings for a temporal, earthly kingdom that will pass away, yes, even America with all of its greatness, instead of the eternal kingdom ruled by Jesus with His might and power that will never pass away. It is sad to see fellow believers more mournful for the loss they feel of their “rights” or privileges that are gifts of grace to begin with, than upset about the tragedy of sin in their own hearts or the tragedy that a great majority of people around us will go to hell under God’s just punishment (think Jesus looking over Jerusalem and weeping). It is sad to see believers more willing to voice their outrage, anger and fear over legislation that will come and go (all the while ignoring His sovereign authority over that legislation to begin with) than voice their commitment to the Gospel and commitment to solid doctrine.

I am not without fault in these areas. I’ve learned the hard way in the not-so-distant past. This isn’t to say I didn’t struggle with these affections during this recent process even. This does not mean I don’t hold the same convictions I’ve always held. And it doesn’t mean I withhold commentary on points of conviction or withhold my involvement in the political process. If anything, we need more and improved discourse concerning all these issues and more to come. It is unfortunate public discourse has devolved into “tweet” snippets of useless rhetoric that does little to address actual issues.

Here’s the question though for believers that over-rides all of that: does politics or the worldly conservative rhetoric (or liberal, if that’s your bent) out there control your heart more than the perfect, blood-bought, blood-sealed love of Christ to you? Have we forgotten or willfully ignored the verse “perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18)? This is blatant idolatry and we should be ashamed, should repent and be restored by Him who is greater than this health care legislation. Political rhetoric has captured my heart many times in the past. And it produces deadly attitudes that are against the glory of God, of course, in the name of what I think is glorifying God. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” (Proverbs 14:12)

Russell Moore from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has written a very wise article speaking to these points and specifically to the point of our heart attitudes in light of what happens in our society, our government and even to us personally, specifically related to this health care legislation. Jesus Christ and His glory are vastly more important than what happens with political policy. Again, this doesn’t mean we should be uninvolved. Rather we should be more involved, seasoned with salt, exhibiting the humility of Christ in these debates, and most of all, praying for and even loving our enemies, for the sake of the Gospel, their conversions and the glory of Christ. Only a heart controlled by the grace of Christ can do this. “Apart from Me you can do nothing.” May we turn to Him that is greater than he who is in the world and may He take the seat in the throne of our hearts instead of politics.