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What Was the Point of the Elephant Room Forum? – Phil Johnson and Todd Friel

Phil Johnson was right on in his predictions, that much is for sure. On the other side though, Phil also addresses hyper-seperationism and those taking upon themselves discernment ministry unwisely to a unproductive and in many cases destructive degree. In this, many have a proper critique of us who critique, and Phil actually expounds upon this matter better than some who criticize us for criticizing. Anyway, point duly noted.


Spurgeon on the Downgrade Controversy


Some of the Best Posts on the Elephant Room Debacle So Far


  1. David -I have spent a lot of time here at your blog for the last couple of days-you have done an excellent job on this subject! Thank you. I actually followed Phil Johnson’s link here from twitter.

    Please come on back to AOMin Chat sometime soon. By the way- I am sure DrO missed your praise of the most recent DL-please don’t be offended-he needs all the encouragement he can get! He misses half of what is said to him-that is the nature of the beast when many are chatting!

    Thanks again,

    Vicki-Victoria-and vickiann too

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