Rob Bell, speaking of his newfound “church” expression sounds way too familiar, as in it sounds like much of the language of the younger evangelical ecclesiological experiments of the present.

“Now resettled near Los Angeles, the couple no longer belongs to a traditional church. ‘We have a little tribe of friends,’ Bell said. ‘We have a group that we are journeying with. There’s no building. We’re churching all the time. It’s more of a verb for us.'”

In other words, “Don’t just go to church, be the church,” (a saying I’ve had a difficult time with to be certain, because of a misunderstanding of categories, I digress) though in light of this quote above, it begs the question as to what you mean by the word church.

Anthony Bradley has observed how this whole “missional” style philosophy (yes I realize there are different flavors) seems to be rooted more in sociological changes in culture than an actual spiritual movement like another awakening. Bell’s quote sure does seem to point in that direction.