This is the time of contemplation and remembrance in the church calendar when we consider the intentionality of Christ in pursuing the cross. The love of God is magnified and displayed in its brilliance at Calvary: the complete and total orchestration, pre-planning, ordering, and sovereign, loving providence surrounding the events leading up to and fulfilled in Christ’s incarnation, life, death, and resurrection on behalf of His people, unto the ultimate restoration of all creation.

The Trinity’s perfect work is put forward as a multifaceted diamond: the Father, in His grace, making a covenant with the Son to be our atoning sacrifice, a propitious offering to bear God’s wrath that we deserved; the Son’s willingness to submit to the Father’s will in bringing many sons to glory; the Spirit’s work in bringing about and making effectual the salvation of those given to the Son by the Father; all of this together along with so much more, interweave into a glorious tapestry that puts on display for us the ends to which God has gone to love His enemies. Taste and see that the Lord is good!

Here are two resources to aid you in contemplating the great work of Calvary unto the end of worshipping at the feet of Jesus and proclaiming this good news and pursuing those around us who have yet to know and be known by Him: