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U-Verse Install on Saturday!

Finally, the long wait is over for the Westerfunk network … U-Verse will allegedly be installed on Saturday between 1 and 3 pm. We’ll see how that turns out. Just want to make everyone aware now that all sites will be unavailable until I can bring them back up on the new service.

Also, one of these days I’ll start blogging again. Had a long run of difficulties and well, laziness to some degree, spiritual and otherwise. So, I’ll be returning soon.

History of the Internet

PHP Code for Remote IP Address Detection on a Web Page

I wrote this code today to return the IP address of a remote host when either the host hits the web server directly or accesses it through a web proxy (as in my situation). Thought someone might find it useful.

function writeIPAddress() {
if (isset($_SERVER[‘HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR’]) == ”) {

else {

Then, if you want to return the IP address as text on the page, simply do this:

echo writeIPAddress();

In addition, if you want to return the reverse DNS address of the IP, do this:

echo @gethostbyaddr(writeIPAddress());

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