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MP3 Sermons on Romans 9 – John Piper

If you really want to dive deep into the implications and ramifications of God’s grace and mercy to us in Christ, you really need to take the time to listen to this series of sermons on Romans 9 by John Piper. It is unfortunate these passages get skimmed over, ignored or nuanced to such a great degree there is nothing left but hollow theology. There is gold here if you will spend the time with it. Romans 9 answers these questions (though Romans 10-11 continues the answers as well):

  1. “If God has made such great promises to us in Christ that will NEVER fail (as explained in Romans 8), why is it that a majority of Israel rejected Christ, the only One who could save them?”
  2. “If all of Israel is not saved, and God’s promises have failed them, what are we to make of the promises of God given to us in Romans 8?”
  3. “Is God required to show mercy to everyone?”
  4. “Is God free to show mercy to whom He pleases?”
  5. “Is God bound by what the creature does or doesn’t do, or is He free to do as He pleases, to His own glory and for His own purposes?”
  6. “From where did our faith come from?”

Disturbing Actions in London – Radical Islam Rearing Its Head


If you want to see a picture of the future of Europe, then read this and watch the video. It is disturbing to say the least and has some cursing and violence in it so proceed with caution … just warning you in advance.

I post this because the video is such a very clear portrayal, from Muslims themselves who shot it during some recent riots in London, of the threat we face in the short and long term, and the impotence of the West to deal with the threat brewing from within its own borders. It apparently does not take much for a Muslim to go from moderate to radical. This video makes that abundantly clear.

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within. The essential causes of Rome’s decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle, her failing trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars.” – Will Durant on the history of Rome

May we learn from history. Rome was great … and it fell

Madonna eyes Israel house to await Messiah – AFP

http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/03/0 … imhbg.html

Well, I hate to burst the bubble, Madonna, but the Messiah came 2000 years ago. His name was Jesus. The Jews expected the Messiah to be a mighty warrior that would come in and wipe out all of Israel’s adversaries. But instead, just as we were told in the Old Testament, He came in order to provide a sacrifice for the sins of any who would believe in Him. He came as a servant, the least of all people, despised, a man full of sorrows and grief (Read this: Isaiah 53). The Jews expected Him to come as a mighty King that would establish His rule over the world. And He will do that in the end, but that’s not what He came for the first time. He came to make purification for sins (Hebrews 1:3). And He did that on the cross, bearing the wrath of God on behalf of any who would believe in Him. The next time He comes back, He’s coming to do wreckshop on His adversaries and will establish His rule over this world.

Unforunately, the Jews, as a whole, missed their Messiah. It is very sad (Romans 9:1-8, Romans 10:1-4). The One who would have cleansed their sins is the One they stumbled over (Romans 9:30-33). As a whole, they have been hardened. Now this Kabbalah religion is doing the same thing, but with Jewish mysticism intertwined. And if the Jews, Israel, God’s chosen people missed it, you certainly have missed it. Jesus Christ was the very Messiah you are looking for! Don’t miss it. The most wicked thing to ever have occurred was the Son of God being killed at the hands of wicked sinners (like myself). He was whipped, tortured, beaten, spat upon, insulted, strung up on a cross, His hands and feet pierced with nails, a crown of thorns mashed into His skull. And all of this was not what hurt him the most. What hurt Him the most was the infinite wrath of God being poured out on His soul, the full cup of wrath, mixed in all of its potency. “The deepest stroke that pierced Him was the stroke that justice gave” (Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted). The Messiah has already come, made sacrifice for sins, died, rose from the grave, and has ascended into heaven. He will come back and wipe out all those who deny Him because He is the righteous and holy King. I beg all of you to consider this and look to Christ for your salvation, who perfectly fulfilled the law from our side on our behalf, and made purification for sins. Place your faith in Him and you will be saved and spared from the Lord’s wrath. If you don’t, you won’t.

“The Cross of Christ by C.H. Spurgeon” – ReformationTheology.com

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