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Linux to Windows Backups Using Rsync Over SSH

In the course of attempting to find a good, fast solution to running backups from my Linux server to my laptop for all the important stuff, I worked through the ability to run rsync on my Windows laptop using the cygwin environment, bash scripts and scheduling the backups to run in Task Scheduler. Here’s a run down of the steps I went through:

Linksys WRT54G: New Hacked Firmware Called Tarifa

Update: 1/12/2009

A much better firmware now exists for this router called Tomato. Check it: http://www.polarcloud.com/tomato


A friend of mine has a Linksys WRT54G v4, and there is some new hacked firmware out for it (hacked in a benevolent, legal way :). So we decided to upload this hacked firmware and give it a whirl. It worked with no problems and you can now boost the transmit power up to 251 mw (my WAP54G with hacked firmware goes up to 84 mw and I still get a connection from 6 houses down if that tells you anything). Theoretically, without any electronic interference between the router and your wireless card, you should be able to connect from quite a far distance (not sure exactly how far though as I have not tested it). This firmware will work for v1-v4 and seems to be really stable from what I can tell. So check it out and download it from here …

Tarifa B009

Knoppix 4.0 – Sweet OS

I downloaded the latest version of Knoppix, ver. 4.0 (Live Linux Operating System CD, meaning you can boot-up straight to a Linux desktop off of the CD) and I have to say I’m very impressed. I currently have version 3.7 and it is really awesome. But not only is this new version faster and more efficient in its execution of the applications, they’ve also packed in a lot more sweet open-source programs to where you basically have everything you need right at your finger tips without having to install anything. In addition, it picked up every single one of my devices without me having to install a single driver. Although the Linux community has shot itself in the foot by keeping much of the functionality within the operating system rather cryptic, Linux is well on its way to becoming more user-friendly in my opinion. At the present time, you still need to know some of the basic commands to install many applications, connect network devices, and other various things, but hopefully in the future, they will make it all “point-and-click” (GUI) based so that it will catch on more with the non-nerd and non-IT people.

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