I downloaded the latest version of Knoppix, ver. 4.0 (Live Linux Operating System CD, meaning you can boot-up straight to a Linux desktop off of the CD) and I have to say I’m very impressed. I currently have version 3.7 and it is really awesome. But not only is this new version faster and more efficient in its execution of the applications, they’ve also packed in a lot more sweet open-source programs to where you basically have everything you need right at your finger tips without having to install anything. In addition, it picked up every single one of my devices without me having to install a single driver. Although the Linux community has shot itself in the foot by keeping much of the functionality within the operating system rather cryptic, Linux is well on its way to becoming more user-friendly in my opinion. At the present time, you still need to know some of the basic commands to install many applications, connect network devices, and other various things, but hopefully in the future, they will make it all “point-and-click” (GUI) based so that it will catch on more with the non-nerd and non-IT people.