I’ve been reading through Genesis and Exodus the past few days and tried out something that I’ve done before but never got into. I’ve been going to BibleGateway.com and listening to a guy narrate the Scriptures while I read along. This has made such a huge difference in particular with the Hebrew Narratives, but can also help out tremendously in other books of the Bible. Not only have I been able to better comprehend what is going on, but I’ve also been able to read a whole lot more at one time. Just a suggestion, but it’s really helped me get into the context of everything that’s going on; motives of man, what God is sovereignly ordaining and how He relates to us, what He’s like, how depraved we are, etc. It’s been really refreshing to go back and see these great theological truths played out in the Old Testament because the whole New Testament is rooted in what occurred in the Old Testament.