For those of you who utilize my websites on a frequent basis, if you don’t know this already, I run all my sites off of my home DSL connection. Well, within the past several months, for whatever reason, the connection has been highly unstable. I have called SBC over and over, and have learned to just have them transfer me to the line department. Even though I’ve had the line department check out the connection, they seem to always find an issue and fix it, but it only lasts about a week, two tops. I wanted to let everyone know because sometimes my site maybe down, and that’s why. I’ve attempted to get SBC to fix it, but they seem to be totally unwilling. At this point, I’m waiting for a new ISP service to be released sometime this year: BPL (Broadband over Power Line). TXU has teamed up with Current Communications to offer High Speed internet service to over 2 million customers in the DFW area at very competitive prices (Dallas-Fort Worth Earns BPL Clout). I heard a rumor (haven’t actually read this anywhere), but apparently they are going to be offering speeds of 3 mbps down / 3 up! Oh man. This will basically give DSL and cable internet providers a run for their money. But this competition will actually be good in the long-run for the consumer, 1) because we will benefit as far as prices are concerned, and 2) we will benefit from increased bandwidth (mainly because DSL providers will soon be offering ADSL2+ connectivity (~20 mbps down / 3 – 5 up) over existing phonelines and cable providers will be offering DOCSIS 3.0 connectivity (10 mbps down / 3 up)). I say bring it on, but hurry up, this instability is killing me!