I’ve been having this problem with my laptop where I’m just doing my normal thing and for no stinkin’ reason, it just shuts off, instantaneously, with no warning. It first started happening at work, so I thought maybe it had to do with the power outlet I was plugged into. So I switched out the plug to a different outlet. No go. It did it again. After that I then attempted to switch out power strips. No go. I then took it home and it did it there too! I took the battery out, unplugged it from the wall, and just let it sit for about five minutes thinking maybe it just needed the electrons to fully drain out of it (due to possible static build-up or whatever). After I did that, I carried along with my business for a while, but then it happened again and again, both at work and home. So I’m thinking maybe there’s an issue with the power regulation on the laptop. It doesn’t seem to be the power cable for the laptop itself either because I have two different power cords, one at work (in my docking station) and one at home. Argh. That’s my frustrated rant for the day. Oh Lord, be my light, and sanctify me in the midst of frustrating, insignificant issues like this, that I may not burn with anger because I don’t get what I want in my way, but that I might turn from myself and give you glory and be satisfied by You. I pray You work in me to put my theology into practice.