Arab-owned American ports? – Washington Times

I just don’t get this at all. How can we let an Arab government-owned company control six of our ports? This really boggles my mind … one of the 9/11 hijackers was from there! I’m confused. Maybe there’s some piece of this puzzle I’m missing, but that sure does seem like a sure way to have one of our cities blown up by a chemical, biological, or nuclear weapon. Where’s the reasoning in this? Why would we even be considering such a bizarre, seemingly contradictory idea (contradictory in the sense that it goes against the whole war on terror at least from what I can see). I know nothing is official at this stage, but why would we even bring this idea to the table at all unless we want to hand over entry into this country on a silver platter, the platter of logistics?

Update 2/16/05 4:14 pm

Lawmakers Urge Greater Review of UAE Firm’s Deal to Run Six U.S. Ports

Well good. It looks like somebody is finally balking at this …

GOP Governors Threaten to Block Port Deal