The recent world-wide riots in response to the cartoons depicting Muhammad with a bomb in his turban speak volumes about Islam as a religion to me. Now, I in no way believe the Danish journalists were justified in publishing those cartoons. It was a wrong thing to do. I want to make that clear. However, the response was equally if not more condemnable than the publishing of those cartoons. The leaders of Islam state that the terrorists are extremists of Islam, in the minority of what most Islamic people believe. They state Islam is a religion of love. I find it interesting though that if the terrorists are in the minority, how is it that the majority seems to be doing all the rioting in response to a few cartoons? You know, Christianity (Christ) is slammed all the time by the world (even by Islamic people) and yet, for the majority, Christians are not destroying property in response to these attacks on our faith. I do believe Christians should be offended more these days at the attacks made on Christ, but they should not destroy property or riot in response. That’s just wrong.

So how is it that the people of Islam can bash Christ all they want, but as soon as someone bashes Muhammad (not saying I agree that’s a beneficial thing to do), they get in a hissy fit, destroying buildings, people, and themselves in some instances? And it seems to me this is characteristic of Islam, this being a prime example. If it’s such a religion of love, how is it that the majority’s response is something so violent and unloving? Makes me wonder if the leaders of Islam who speak to the Western media understand the religion at all. Maybe they’re just toning it down when speaking to us. These riots show that the majority of Islamic people want the West to vanish in my estimation, it’s just some of them have the guts enough to attempt to make it happen (i.e. the terrorists).

The Danish journalists shouldn’t have done something to encourage their behavior, but the Islamic people shouldn’t be responding the way they are as well. There is responsibility on both sides. If a person I’m doing business with offends me deeply by lying to me about our business deal (before a contract is signed by either of us) and in rage I go and beat him with a club, who’s going to be more at fault? The guy who lied or me for beating him? Who’s going to get the citation and possibly go to jail? Will it not be me? But why? Because I broke the law. Right? The journalists didn’t technically break the law in Denmark, though I don’t agree it was a wise thing to do. And in response some Islamic people are totally destroying at least one Danish embassy (that I know of) and creating havok all over Europe and the Middle East. That’s ridiculous.

All of this over a stupid series of cartoons, showing the opinion of one publisher? Stupid NBC does a lot worse than that all the time toward Christianity … The Book of Daniel, the Will and Grace episode coming up in April. And what should my response be to this? These things offend me deeply because it’s an attack on my Savior, Jesus Christ, who emptied Himself for my sins. I hate that NBC is doing this! But I’m not going to go blow up Rockefeller center or the GE building or cause mass hysteria in response. That would be doing the opposite of the very thing I’m trying to do; win people for Christ, that they may be saved! A staple of Christianity is loving your enemies, just as Christ loved His. So if the majority of devout Islamic people riot over something so trite to begin with, what does it say about the religion as a whole? How can it possibly be a religion of love, selflessness, and sacrifice if this is how they react to someone bashing their faith? If it is a “religion of love” then their leaders in their Mosque’s need to do some serious re-teaching of their faith. I believe history proves though that this is definitely not a religion of love.

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