Biblical Reflections on Hebrews 6 – John Hendryx

This is a really great Scriptural refutation of those who claim this passage speaks that the truly regenerate believer can lose his/her salvation. Much like everything within Scripture, context is so vitally important. It is said of real estate there are three rules which determine the value of your property: location, location, location. And I believe with Scripture there are three rules (amongst many) when studying Scripture: context, context, context. Part of this contextual analyzation is done by referring to other passages of Scripture that echo your understanding of a passage as well as (and especially) referring to surrounding text to put it in its proper environment of thought. Many passages of Scripture can be unlocked when put in their proper context and many false doctrines can be snuffed out when the Scriptures are properly understood within their respective context. This passage is no exception and a very clear example of this. People will take this one passage and make it say something it isn’t saying at all by taking it out of context and disregarding some, if not all of the surrounding text. No Scripture contradicts itself because it is all the inerrant, authoritative word of God, and I believe the result of John Hendryx’s blog entry shows what the result is when Scripture is properly exegeted.