I installed GAIM 1.5 (an all-inclusive Instant Messaging program encompassing AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC, SIRC, and maybe one other). I set it up yesterday on my server to see how it would work, and I’m a little disappointed. It worked fine for about 18 hours and then gaim.exe started pegging my processor at 99% I discovered this morning. So that’s annoying. I can’t have something running on one of my server’s that’s going to peg it all the time. So I’m back to using the regular AOL IM. GAIM is less memory intensive than AIM, but the processor issue is troubling. Another thing I don’t like about GAIM is that it doesn’t have the ability to setup certificates for encrypting your conversations. This isn’t a huge deal and most people don’t care about that, but in some situations, I don’t want anyone I know, who is tech savvy, gaining access to my personal conversations with others. So this functionality within AIM makes it very difficult for others to capture your conversations. Other than those two things, I believe GAIM is great. I run it on my linux server and have had none of these problems. I guess the Windows build just doesn’t like my environment or something.