This is an email sent from Jamey Ice telling us to go and vote for them to open for Bon Jovi again. Let’s make it happen!


GRO needs YOUR help to open again for BON JOVI!!!!

We were chosen by Mix 102.9 in January to open for Bon Jovi at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Bon Jovi liked GRO so much that they put them us in the runnings to have the opportunity to open for them again at their home town show in New Jersey in front of 60,000 people.

We are the 1 Texas band out of 27 other bands from accross the nation, and we really need YOUR help in sending going to New Jersey. Voting ends next monday!

Please vote for Green River Ordinance at

Thank you so much! We all appreciate you so much for helping!!! This is an absoultely huge oppurtunity for us. You can also vote more than once

Have Killer day,
ps if you could forward this on…that would be AMAZING!!!