This weekend I dug up a new flower bed in the backyard and man was it a killer. Apparently when the house builder poured the foundation, some of it spilled in the back and they covered it up with dirt (right where I was digging up the flower bed). Thanks guys. So I had to go to my neighbor across the street, borrow his rock bar (giant steel bar used for digging up rocks underground), and attempted to break it up, which only marginally helped, but did make it a bit deeper than it was before. It was quite a chore. The easiest part of the whole day on Saturday was planting a new bradford pear tree in the backyard. Finally, we have a tree back there. I don’t think I’ve done that much physical labor since either moving or doing work in Guatemala. I do have to honestly say I have more respect for those workers in the construction industry. I’m such a weakling … thank God for creating the computer industry and opening the doors for me to work in it.