Even though I intellectually assent to the doctrine of Grace Alone, that the Holy Spirit alone is what effects change within the believer, many times in my day to day routine, I forget about it and other times I just simply don’t believe it in my heart. Recently, the Lord has opened my mind to consider more the work of the Holy Spirit in everything I do. When praying, witnessing, working, hanging out with Courtney, hanging out with high school students at CCBC, worshipping, in everything, the Holy Spirit alone effects change both in me and others. And so when I pray for unbelieving friends of mine to be saved, I must pray that the Holy Spirit would work in the midst of witnessing in power to open their minds, ears, eyes, and hearts to the Gospel of Christ. When spending time in personal communion (fellowship) with Christ, I need to pray that the Holy Spirit would come and change me from within by His mighty hand and conform me to His will (not vice versa, i.e. conforming Himself to me). When teaching students, I need to pray the Holy Spirit would effect change within their hearts. And the list goes on … Truly believing that it is by the power of God alone appropriated by the Holy Spirit, that work itself made possible by Christ’s death and resurrection, we can then see that in everything we do, we (and other people we minister to or fellowship with) are not changed and conformed to Christ-likeness by personal moral performance, but by the power of God alone working in and through what we do and say.