I was reading in Zechariah today and it has made me so excited about the day of the Lord, where He will destroy the wicked and all wickedness, and bring perfect restoration and fullness to His people. Man, how I yearn for that day! I started reading from ch. 9 to the end, and it just makes me so hopeful in the perfect promise God has made to bring eternal renewal to those who believe in His Son for salvation, where He cleanse us once and for all from all sin, that will be rid of that which temporarily bears down on us now. We will be free sin! After reading Zechariah, I then flipped over to Revelation 22 where the river of the water of life is coming out of the new Jerusalem and how all things will be perfect! What an amazing hope we have in Christ, that one day He make all things new, where there will be no more destruction, war, death, suffering, famine, chaos, drout, financial woes, pain, strife, tears, persecution, corruption, futility! It just makes me want to push on to know Christ more and make Him known to everyone I know that we might all be saved from His wrath. On that day, all the things wrong with this world will be wiped away and all things will be made new; a place where there will be no more need for the light of the sun and stars, but God Himself will be our light, and so much more infinitely beautiful and glorious! How I love You, great and mighty King, You are faithful through the ages, You never change!