It used to be that you would see actual news on the front page of major news papers and websites. But now, major media outlets are resorting to the same antics as that of the National Enquirer and other tabloids. “Watch Video! Bush saying naughty word!” Who cares? This is absurd. Journalism in the West is going down the tubes. It’s no longer about legitimate news, but all about making someone else look bad and slandering them. It’s no longer professional in any manner. And if it involves Bush, then CNN will leave it up as the main topic on their front page all day long … good grief. Leave it to the far-left to pander to our enemies and enjoy their same spirit of Bush-hating! As if many far-left leaders themselves don’t swear all the time and work to lower the bar on what level of cursing is accepted within the media … hypocrites. Why is this even that big of a deal? Rhetorical question: it’s not.