I just don’t get how anyone can say the solution to our world-wide war on terror is more diplomacy. It doesn’t work with terrorists! Just the notion is an oxymoron in this case. On a day when we realize terrorists plotted to blow up planes using liquid explosives kept in shampoo bottles (amongst other mediums), how can we possibly say the answer is diplomacy? These people actually want to kill all of us. They keep devising of ways to kill us, and they’re getting pretty darn good at it. And they won’t stop, not now, not in the future. If you were a U.S. official, and you went to try and have a diplomatic meeting, it’s very likely they would ambush you and your entire group. They don’t try and workout their issues. They have resolved to kill us. And they will not stop until it’s done. All of you out there who want diplomacy to be the solution, just remember, they want to cut your head off too and kill your family too. They don’t negotiate and neither should we. They need to be killed, not tried in our courts. This is war. War is ugly. But we must persevere in order to win it. They won’t stop coming and neither should we stop pulverizing them until this thing is over.