I continue to realize more and more the importance of staying in almost constant communication with God, but more specifically setting aside time everyday that is dedicated to prayer. I at times can feel sufficient in my walk with Christ whenever I read Scripture or read a theologically minded book, as if I check off things on a list that I have gotten done, but I don’t always feel the weight of my guilt-burden lifted. And that’s because I’m forgetting to just stop everything, everyday, and submit to God in prayer and experience the presence of God Himself, His Holy Spirit. I do indeed experience that in Scripture, but I must have time that is solely devoted to communicating with God, and I, like everyone else, seem to forget that, and can slump into my own personal misery that is a result of my own laziness in not going to God in prayer through the redeeming work of Christ. I just write this as a reminder to set aside time everyday that is solely devoted to communicating with Christ the praise He deserves, confess your sins, and lay down all of your needs to Him. Just as we have time set aside for work, sleep, eating, etc, how much more important is it for us to set aside time for the Creator of all these things? How much more important is He than food, work, money? Is He not infinitely more valuable than all of these things?