I had an issue where my “hMailServer” email servers (both incoming and outgoing) locked a MySQL database table file resulting from the continuous power outages. I looked up on the www.hmailserver.com forums for an answer and came up with this for anyone who uses hMailServer. This applies to those who installed hMailServer with the built-in MySQL database.

1) Open up the “my.ini” file within your hMailServerMySQL directory on your server. The default location is “C:Program FileshMailServerMySQL”.

2) Add the following line at the bottom of the list of entries:

The entries within the file should look like this:

basedir=C:Program FileshMailServerMySQL
datadir=C:Program FileshMailServerMySQLdata

3) Go into your Administrative Tools within the Control Panel, open up Services, first stop the “hMailServer” service and then the “hMailServerMySQL” service. Then start up “hMailServerMySQL” first, and then start “hMailServer”. This should fix the problem by automatically repairing the corrupt database file(s).


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