This sermon, this cry to our generation, as a father pleading with his son to radically pursue Christ, was my first encounter with John Piper. It was so shockingly deep and awesome that I had to have more of his teaching. And coincidentally, Jon Dansby and I arrived at the end of this very Passion conference in 2000 at Shelby Farms in Tennessee where he spoke, on our way to a Young Life camp to do Work Week. We caught the tail end of his sermon, and didn’t get to hear it all, so I listened to it later. This is an incredible message. If you have not ever heard John Piper, this sums up his preaching to me. Check it out. Brought me to tears when I first heard it, and still does. What mercy we have from God in the cross of Christ, where He took the wrath of a wretched sinner like me and gave me every good thing and every bad thing turned for good!