John Hendryx, founder of responds to interview questions pertaining to young Calvinists and their “I’m more reformed than anyone else” attitude toward others and especially their terrible treatment of Arminian brothers and sisters in Christ. These attitudes fly in the face of the point of Calvinistic theology: humbleness before the throne of God and others, to the glory of God.


7. How much cooperation can there be between Calvinists and strongly Arminian evangelicals?

I have worked side-by side with them overseas in missionary activity for years. It can be done. These are our brothers and sisters. Some Calvinists who don’t think so need to get out more.

8. My own interaction with young Calvinists has made me less enthusiastic for Reformed Christianity. In my essay “I Hate Theology” I catalog some of the negative by-products of what often amounts to an obsession with theological minutiae at the expense of kindness and charity. Am I off base?

No, I think you are right on the mark, Michael. I have had my share of battles with many of the type of people you are describing. However, perhaps you should try to distinguish those persons who consider themselves “Truly Reformed” from the average Reformed believer. There are vocal groups out there that have an “I am more Reformed than anyone else” type attitude, but I would argue that such persons constitute a minority in Reformed circles. Their activism and vocal nature has made them appear more influential than they are, and many of these groups also have prolific writers. While I will not mention them by name I find their arrogance equally as repulsive as you do, Michael, especially since they claim to represent my brand of theology. But the existence of such groups, I believe, should not discourage you from the biblical clarity and rich heritage that Reformed Theology has brought to the Church. God has truly blessed the Church with such preachers and theologians as Augustine, John Calvin, Peter Martyr Vermigli, John Owen, Jonathan Edwards, C.H. Spurgeon, Herman Witsius, Thomas Watson, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Richard Sibbes and J.C. Ryle. It would be a truly tragic event if the existence of the “Truly Reformed” troublemakers would turn people aside from such theological treasure that the Holy Spirit has given the church.

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