Good Morning (for the last time) from Santiago. We finished up working yesterday. Over the course of the week we roofed and cemented floors at the church at Panabaj, held a VBS and played with lots of kids at La Colonia, dug ditches and laid cement for a child’s play area/basketball court at La Colonia, helped cement floors and roof and build walls for homes at La Colonia, painted a lot at the main church downtown, moved rocks and cleared lots of land at Camp David. It’s been a good week. And to God’s glory, no one missed a day of work due to illness or injury!!

This morning we are having breakfast and then loading the boat to head back to Panajachel. We’ll eat lunch there and then load the buses to drive to Guatemala City. We’ll eat dinner at Pollo Campero and spend the night at the Pan American Hotel. Then it’s off to the airport really early Saturday morning to get on planes. We would appreciate your prayers for safe travel. Additionally, a couple girls were feeling a little sick last night; pray that they feel better for the trip and that no one else gets sick.

Also, this year for the first two weeks we’re back in Fort Worth we are going to meet for about an hour three days a week (MWF) at 10:30 at the Outback to pray together, talk about the trip, and consider ways we can continue serving and hopefully make an impact in Fort Worth. Please pray for these times together and that what God has shown students and done in their lives will permanently impact and change them.

I need to go to pray with the girls and then our day gets really busy. Hence this final email to you is brief. Again, thanks for partnering with us in praying for this trip. May God be glorified in what has happened and what will continue to happen in Santiago, Tomball, and Fort Worth.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Kathy Harrelson
High School Director at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth, Texas