“Police: Thieves Break Into 30 Cars At FW Apartments”

This is right across the interstate from where I live. Glad I got the motion-detecting webcam running that emails me snapshots when there is movement 🙂

This article http://www.myfoxdfw.com/myfox/pages/New … geId=3.2.1 says, “It appears the burglars were targeting expensive items like Global Positioning Systems and iPods.”

Also: In June I got a snapshot at about 2:03 in the morning of some random guy that walked up to my house (after leaving my garage door cracked to let the hot air out) and he checked it out for about 5 minutes, then left. I suspect he was probably just scoping it out to see if it was feasable without making too much of a ruckus. Wonder if this could be the guy: