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Michael Horton does an excellent job in this article of not smearing the good the Purpose-Driven movement has done in the evangelical world. I disagree with the tactics, principles, and methodology of this movement (seeing as how it is blatantly Arminian in nature and corporate-principle driven). However, I do not negate the fact that many have come to Christ through this series and the book. I do not believe it is a clear rendering of the Gospel message (wrath, sin, judgment, ya know, the stuff people need to hear first, etc), but it at least gets people some where closer to maybe hear a clearer message at their church (at least that’s my hope). Regardless, Michael Horton, instead of bashing the movement simply points us in another direction away from “Purpose-Driven” thinking. He instead says this, “Christ lived the purpose-driven life so that we would inherit his righteousness through faith and be promise-driven people in a purpose-driven world.” And man is this a purpose-driven world! I believe that quote from the article succinctly states Biblically where we should be leading people: to be Promise-Driven Christ followers, where our destiny was sealed by the blood of Christ. And it is under this banner that people’s lives are changed forever. The promises of God in the Gospel are what sustain us (Romans 8) not merely living for a purpose. Of course there’s purpose in following Christ (namely the glorification of God), but the Bible is even more specific than mere purposes. We have concrete promises! How amazing is the grace of God to sinners like me?