Dr. Gray slams Gore Warnings: ‘We’ll look back and realize how foolish it was’:

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Well I’m going to add some more … so many things have become trite and flavorless in our culture now. Something as important as a Nobel Peace prize, something given to people, ya know, who helped people escape certain death from Nazi death camps and survived themselves, then to be rightly granted the award, has become trite as well. Something that is clearly a theory and strongly debated in the scientific world itself has become fact among those elites who grant this once prestigious award. And on top of that, it is given to someone of the clearest hypocritical nature as Gore (the jets, SUV’s, houses, clearly not an environmentalist himself). The saddest thing to me about this is that people assuming the highest academic and cultured status in the world have now succumbed to the triteness infecting Western society. Something that once had meaning and depth has been made commonplace.