I worked out a way to more easily post links I have found interesting out on the internet, whether from theology, news, science, politics, etc. Basically, instead of changing html every time I want to add a new link and delete others at the end of the list, I can now just add links via a sub-blog, used merely for adding links. I used SimplePHPBlog, Feed2JS and Magpie to accomplish this. I had to go in and recode some things to get it to appear the way it does above, but it wasn’t much work. Now I can not only more quickly add links, I’ll be more inclined to post links I come across now, because changing html every time doesn’t exactly get you excited to post something. In addition to this, all the links I add will be archived under the link above entitled, “Past Links.” So if you want, you can go back and look at what I’ve posted. Pretty cool. So check back frequently for updates to the “Interesting Links” section above. I’ll be updating it more often now.