Thanks for your site and your work here. I just have one question: on your page stating your doctrinal views you stated that you were a “supralapsarian”. From what I have studied, “supralapsarianism” as opposed to “infralapsarianism” says that God even predestined the “Fall”(not “just allowed” it), and is the ultimate cause of “All” events(sin included). Would you agree with this? Thanks for your response, I’m not trying to start any arguments, I promise! Love ya Brother.

Thanks for the question!

The main difference between supra/infralapsarianism has to do with the point at which God predestined the elect, was it “before the foundation of the world” (as in Ephesians 1:4), or was it after the fall? Supra/infralapsarianism doesn’t really have anything to do so much with whether God did or didn’t predestine the fall, but more with the point in time of which he predestined the elect in particular. So supra says God chose us before the foundation of the world. Infra says God chose us after the fall occurred. So I’m supra, having not been convinced of the infra position.

As far as the fall goes, it is my personal belief from the Scriptures that God has indeed providentially ordained whatsoever comes to pass (including evil), and yet is in no way the author of sin and evil. God cannot and will never be charged with being the one responsible for evil, because it contradicts His very nature. Therefore, mystery abounds on this subject. All we know is God has the reigns on everything, and yet is not the creator of evil, but only good. All we know is that as in Job’s situation, for example, God hates evil and wickedness, but yet at the same time ordains it (in allowing Satan a certain level of damage in Job’s life) to bring about His glory and good, holy, righteous purposes, as it is clearly shown at the end of the book. I hope that answers your question my friend! Thanks for asking …

In Christ Alone,