As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t been doing as many posts. Part of this has to do with a sort of writers block. I feel as if I’ve exhausted many of the things I normally talk about. So I’m taking a step back and reassessing why it is I’m doing this to start with. Another part has been the demands of work recently. I’ve started working on our Sharepoint environments more and this has drained me to a great degree. And still yet, sometimes, I just don’t know what to say. I guess that would fall into the writers block category still. My brother has been in town, back from fighting in Iraq, so I’ve been spending time with him as well.

There are several pet topics that I like to write on, as you may have noticed. But I don’t know what else I can say about those things other than reiterating the same ideas, maybe with new thoughts, but more innovating instead of inventing (so to speak, not that I have anything original to say really, just repeating ideas I’ve heard mostly).

So I’m trying to reassess what other areas of theology (in particular) I should move into talking about. But that requires taking a step back and thinking through some things before lobbing ideas out there. Anyway, all that to say, I have kind of been taking a sabbatical from writing as much because I feel a little burned out I guess. I’ve also been reading more which takes away from writing time. So I’ll be back, I just don’t know what direction I want to take this site now.