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After reading this article by Keller, and reading more in The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges, I feel like too many times, what I write on here fits the mold of what Keller and Bridges describe, and this is deeply convicting to me. After reading Keller’s article, I feel like for a second I had an outside perspective of the way others may be perceiving how I come across as well as the way I truly am sometimes.

As I posted recently on here, my blog compromises only a small fraction of my life. But regardless, how I come across may be exactly how some people view me all the time: arrogant, frustrated, self-righteous, etc. I don’t feel like this most of the time, but in all honesty before people reading this, I am that sometimes. This is sin and I deeply need the grace and mercy of Christ provided in His cross and resurrection to cleanse me.

Should we be theologically accurate and pursue the knowledge of God revealed to us with great vigor? Surely. But is it a controlling factor in my life to make sure we are all being theologically accurate and what I perceive to be “doing things right?” Sometimes, yes. It shouldn’t be. I do still feel convicted at the same time to try and help people as much as possible with particular points. But I can really become super-critical sometimes and this is just pure error on my part.

Christ must be the center. He is the exalted One who set aside His honor and glory in order to take my wickedness and its just penalty in Himself so that I could be free and counted righteous. How can I not respond in a similar way now? My only hope is the grace of Christ, that He would work in me the very humility Keller describes.