This is a brief clip of one of Lance Secretan’s presentations to a group of corporate employees. Notice how at the beginning of this clip, he disregards anything Christianity had to offer in history as an explanation for natural and supernatural reality. He doesn’t even mention all of the thousands of Christian thinkers who have contributed greatly to the progress of “humanity” who believed Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. These voices are simply ignored. Sure, he mentions Jesus as a good moral teacher, and even quotes Him in the presentation. Yet Secretan cherry-picks what he wants from what Jesus said without dealing with the portions of Scripture where He claims to be God Himself, the only way to salvation, the greatest Person in all of history. This is ignored, for to deal with these texts simply denies his own worldview perspective of reality.

At the very beginning of this clip, he makes clear that (at least according to his understanding) 6000 years ago, we lived on the premise of mystery, magic, myths, fairy tales, etc. It is assumed then that Christianity is included in this category of mystery and mythology. And therefore, its explanations of reality are theoretical, mythical. They simply don’t apply to us anymore. The Gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God.

Then, as history progressed beyond this kind of mythical thinking, we lived in the age of rationality and science. We explained everything through the scientific method and mathematical proofs. People came to say, if you can’t show me a scientific proof, I won’t believe it.

But now at this point in history, we know there are some things that simply can’t be measured by science, which is to say, the supernatural does exist. I agree with this. But the question I have is where exactly is Secretan proposing we head now? Where do we go from here?

Secretan won’t say it, but this is where his ideology is rooted: The Noetic Sciences. (a friend tipped me off to this information). It comes out in his presentations and is clearly rooted in pagan mysticism, but with a modern twist: the “backing” of what he claims is science. What are the “Noetic Sciences” you ask? It’s the mending together of science and the supernatural. It’s essentially utilizing your psychic intuitions, your supernatural abilities, something he claims can be proved through scientific methods. It’s really an entire worldview, a religion in essence, a way of viewing reality, a way in fact that is antithetical to the claims of Christianity. It is the suppression of truth in unrighteousness as all false religions are.

Now how do I know Secretan is a member of this group? He was on the list of Canada’s Who’s Who of 2003 which directly links him to this group (which a friend also tipped me off to): … ;ct=result

For those of us who are believers in Christ alone and His work for our salvation, we must be leery of this kind of teaching and those people who would seek to deceitfully take our eyes off of Him and His Gospel. Secretan makes (some seemingly) plausible arguments and at points even invokes the name of Jesus and quotes from the gospels as proof of his points. Yet, he is performing what is known as eisegesis, that is coming to Scripture with a preconceived belief and mining it for quotes (out of context) to support that belief. He twists the words of Scripture to fit his own preconceived notion of what is true about reality basically. This is a distinguishing mark of a false teacher.

Many people I know who confess to be Christians have whole-heartedly, or at least in part, endorsed Secretan’s teaching. But I’m telling you now, it is antithetical to the claims of Scripture. The only supernatural forces we have to contend with in reality (not fiction or myth) is God and His angels, and the devil and his fallen angels. The devil is in the business of blinding us to the truth about God and will go about it through whatever means possible, this included. Therefore any dealings with the supernatural outside of Christ and belief in His Gospel for sinners is a direct dealing with Satan and His fallen legions of angels. This is no exception, though many would believe it to be so.

The truth of the matter is Christ is God come in the flesh, fully man, fully God. He came to sacrifice Himself in our place for our direct rebellion against Him, taking our deserved punishment in Himself on the cross on which He was crucified. He did this in order that we could be reconciled to God forever, because in His justice, He had to punish us for our sin against Him. His justice could not be disregarded. And so the only way for us to be saved was for God to incarnate Himself as human, live a perfect life on our behalf, die the death we deserved on the cross. Then three days after His death, He rose from the grave, proclaiming victory over sin, death, hell, and Satan. After appearing to the apostles and more than 500 other people, Jesus ascended into heaven where He now sits at the right hand of God, interceding for those who believe in Him.

Jesus will return again in power to judge all men and rule over all the earth, forever. He offers pardon in advance of His coming and will save all who call upon His name for salvation. Turn away from your sinning and unbelief which you know deep down is a direct violation of God Himself and His glory, believe in Him and rest in Jesus Christ alone for your salvation.