This is outright tyranny. Just like the trillions in bailouts that clearly aren’t working (see Warren Buffett’s comments from today, who himself is a liberal Democrat), this too will be crammed down our throats, without debate, without the consent of the people for whom Congress allegedly works, without any dialog or discussion, under the assumption of an unproven theory that man is causing the Earth to warm. This is simply outrageous. And it will raise costs on everything, especially energy, to levels we likely haven’t seen … and all this at a time when our economy is in one of the worst crises since the Great Depression and on the verge of possibly getting worse for a long time to come. Simply unbelievable. Yet this is the exact kind of nonsense that was warned against before the election. Kay Granger is up in arms on this one.

Please pay attention to this issue. What is happening is outrageous.

Last night, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat majority surprisingly announced that this Friday will be the day the House considers landmark energy and climate legislation known as “cap and trade.”  “Cap and trade” means the government would set artificial limits on the amount of emissions businesses, utilities, farmers, and others can have, forcing them to severely alter the way they operate.  If they can’t operate within their emissions limit, they would have to pay the government or other parties to get a higher limit.  This is essentially a tax on these groups, and it is most certainly going to be passed on to all of you.

This bill is still being written as we speak – no one has seen or read it, and the bill is being crafted completely behind closed doors and as it stands now it is rumored to be 1,201 pages long.  Normally, Members draft legislation, and then submit it to congressional committees for consideration. Only after it has received the support of the committee can the legislation be considered for a vote. However, this bill is going straight from the drawing board in Speaker Pelosi’s office to the House floor with no input from anyone except the small group of Members drafting the bill.

The cost is still unknown, but some reports indicate this bill could result in the loss of 3.2 million U.S. jobs.  The Heritage Foundation estimates this bill will increase electricity costs by 90 percent by 2035, gasoline by 58 percent, and natural gas by 55 percent.

At this point, it is very likely that we will not see the bill before we vote on it Friday.  Speaker Pelosi is continuing to hold closed door meetings this week, so the final version of the bill has not been written.  I do not support the process House Democrats are using to force this bill through the House, and I can’t support a costly piece of legislation when we do not know its impact on our country.

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Kay Granger