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Twisted Pair Versus Coax – An Observance with U-verse

Though I haven’t proven this theory out yet I’ve been wondering since it seems to me to be a difference in stability. So my neighbors all around me have U-verse and have had all kinds of issues in which a U-verse tech has had to come out to resolve their issues. I’ve had basically none, with a couple of exceptions (area-wide drops). One neighbor had to have the line at the curb completely dug up and reset, but that was a different issue. When they setup my connection, I asked up front to run twisted pair from the outside to my router/gateway instead of using coax. As I understand it, unless I’m mistaken, the default is to use coax which, sure enough, all my neighbors have. As it pertains to VDSL2+ (the protocol U-verse uses), is twisted pair more stable than coax as a medium for delivery? I’m just curious, because that would be an easy thing to ask for at the beginning. I don’t know that this is the case, but I would be interested to see stats on that. Here are my numbers using twisted pair after 113 days of data/error collection:




ModSecurity and NGINX Compilation Error in Ubuntu


  1. Pat

    Did you ever find out anything about this? I’m not sure what my connection is, but it doesnt look like coax. My main “box” just started restarting randomly today and it is very frustrating. I really dont care for ATT, but they are so much cheaper than TWC or DirecTV

    • Nah, I haven’t found out anything else. I moved back in the spring and I’m now on GigaPower, AT&T’s fiber to the house, gigabit internet, which is working great.

      You may need them to just come out and replace your box.

      • John

        David, I am a uverse tech and happened to come across your site by looking into something else. In my area it is common practice to run as much on twisted pair as possible in order to stay away from coax. This seems to have cut our repair tickets in half.

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