Donald Trump and Ann Coulter’s stunning comments clearly display what is wrong with a purely Ayn Randian libertarian worldview and philosophy, wrapped in a veneer of Christian language (in Coulter’s case). It’s simply the flip side of the coin of Marxism. One side of the coin believes in the all-powerful State and collectivism as the sufficient means for human flourishing, while the other believes in the all-powerful individual to “pull up his bootstraps,” a radical individualism at the expense of those most in need, physically and spiritually.

However both worldviews spring from the same source: a rejection of an all-sovereign God who in love came to redeem His helpless enemies (talk about a radical concept) at the expense of Himself in Christ, and as a result, now lovingly compels His people to pursue those who are unable to help themselves with this good news as well as physical attendance to their needs.

Trump and Coulter’s comments model for us the very American (rather than Christian), sentimental, unbiblical saying in Christian circles, “God helps those who help themselves.” I have yet to know a person truly transformed by the gospel who really thinks they lifted a finger first so that God would save them.

Response from Albert Mohler:

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