Update 8/3/2015:

The speed has now been bumped up to 300 mbps up/down; so fast now, I need a new internal router/firewall 🙂



After events that occurred with AT&T on the technical and customer service sides back when I first moved into my new house, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with changing over, once again, to new service. However, after all of the frustration and mind-boggling breakdowns in order processing and account bungling from a few months ago, this has been worth the wait.

Today I got switched over to AT&T’s new Gigapower broadband service and it’s quite impressive. At present, they’re starting it out at 100 mbps, up and down, which is quite snappy as it is. From there, as I understand it, they will increase it to speeds up to 1 gbps. I am not unhappy about the speed as it is though. This is a big win for AT&T.

On a wired connection, this was my speed test result:



Not too shabby.

Customer service was great and there were no account hiccups or major mishaps. Overall, this has been a good experience.