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Dark Helmet’s Evil Twin Sister

So, how is this fashion? Saw this on www.drudgereport.com today. Apparently, this is the latest “cutting edge” fashion on the runway in London. I’m scared and confused … Lonestarrrr! (Movie reference – Spaceballs)

Free Unlimited Music Downloads?


That’s what they’re claiming, yet the record companies apparently have not endorsed it … http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/arti … article.do

Good Stuff … Clinton Nods Off During MLK Service

Radiohead – In Rainbows

I got my email this morning for my unique download link, burned it to CD, and listened to it on the way into work. Awesome … seems to integrate styles from past albums with more strings and not quite as much electronic back beats. Very tastefully produced.

Hardcore – Fighting Giraffe’s!

FYI … Radiohead is Giving Away Their New Album!


Incredible … though you can pay nothing for the album, they are telling people to pay what they want, so they are hoping people will pay something, but maybe the new open concept of giving away the album will attract more people to their music than if they had gone about it the normal way … guess we’ll see.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.j … dio101.xml

Update 1 …

It looks like their web systems cannot handle the load of users attempting to go to their site (as if mine could :). I mean the article was first published on Telegraph.co.uk and then posted on DrudgeReport.com … so word is out all over the world. It looks like they may have temporarily taken the link down (well now it’s back up). But regardless still trying …

Update 2 …

It appears it is next to impossible to actually get to a page to enter your email address so that you can get an activation code as well as instructions on how and where to download. After attempting to go through the process, I finally got to a point where I could enter information in, and then it sent me back to www.inrainbows.com and said I could only have one download (but I haven’t entered anything yet). Boo … still trying.

Update 3 …

I finally got to the secure site, registered my email address, entered in all my info to purchase the album (for 0.00 pounds), it went through processing, and then once I got to the confirmation page, it gave me a mysql_connect error (PHP to MySQL back-end connection issue), so I’m not even sure it sent my information to the DB at all (apparently it did not). I saved the page with my confirmation number just in case, but it doesn’t matter if the application did not write the data to the DB. I never received an email with an activation code or instructions on how and where to download. Still trying …

Update 4 …

I have now received my first spam email on my gmail account as a result of this I’m assuming. So they got my email to sign me up for spam, but not my registration and $0 purchase of the download. etc …

Historical Extrapolations and Eisegesis Concerning Jesus and Mary Magdelene

What a poor excuse for good historical research. Just shows how major media wants to change people’s minds concerning Christianity without giving people any real historical facts. I mean really, Jesus addresses His wife and son from the cross? Please … and I like the question from the narrator concerning John 19 when from the cross Jesus tells John (the disciple) to take care of His mother, Mary, “But can this [understanding] be later theology? Could it be that Jesus was talking to Mary Magdalene, his wife, asking her to protect their son?” Well, umm, no. And it can be historically proven. It’s amazing what actually goes as scholarship nowadays. You can just get a Ph.d in front of your name, make some controversial claims concerning Christ with historical data taken out of context or completely wrong, and end up as a historical source on the Discovery Channel. Amazing. Why is it there are all these specials on Christianity, attempting to debunk it historically? What about Islam or other religions? It just comes down to the fact that the world hates Christ and wants to suppress Him as long as they can. If they can go to the Scriptures and get people to think they are unreliable, then maybe they can turn people away from Christianity, is their thought.

A Convenient Lie – A Review of Live Earth

Live Earth: How shall I describe it? Democratic National Convention, one in a long line of hippy fests, possible political front for Al Gore’s Presidential bid in the near future, “Green” Woodstock, the largest hypocritical organized event in the world, GE fluorescent light bulb marketing campaign (via NBC), NBC-backed partisan political push for the Democrats, hybrid marketing campaign, excuse to go to a concert and drink yourself in the ground, a “progressive” excuse to protest an infringement of the climate on our constitutional rights (even if it is a theory), a reason for artists to be in the spotlight and market their music, a reason to be entertained for fans, a false way of feeling like you are making a difference when you are simply adding to the alleged problem by attending, a sham, a convenient way for the super rich and famous to be telling all of us peons what we should be doing and not be doing it themselves.

And no, Leonardo, there is no consensus in the scientific community on the issue. Why the fabrication? There is in fact a great divide. What a giant lie this whole thing is … and Al Gore, in the name of inclusion of all people from all types of backgrounds, you are excluding all those who disagree with you, like me and half of the scientific community. For pollution to be cut down at the levels it needs to be to reverse any supposed climate change caused by man, all construction and industrial production from all sectors of the world must cease immediately. And … purchasing carbon offsets is going to do the job? Really? I’m at a loss, basically this sums it up: Al Gore, people will go to anything where there are stars, music, beer, and a reason to protest; that does not necessarily mark success though in your fight at the phantom that is global warming. Makes my head hurt …

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Celebrity Atheists

http://www.nbc5i.com/slideshow/entertai … s&tn=b

It is really no surprise that Hollywood is increasingly becoming more and more corrupt and pushing as many boundaries as possible when you read this list of celebrities who openly and firmly deny the existence of God. What else would you do but pursue the depths of depravity if you didn’t have a relationship with the greatest treasure in all the universe, Jesus Christ? The One through whom the universe came to be? Thank you Lord for having mercy on my soul and inclining my heart toward you when I wanted nothing to do with you, and would have gone to the same lengths many in our culture do. Lord, it is You alone and your grace in the cross that has made me to differ, I am no better than any, I am a sinner saved by sheer grace. All credit to you Lord … I praise You.

Brian Eno: A Foundational Artists’ Biography


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