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PingWi-Fi Pinned Between a Rock and a Golf Ball

Trademark dispute over blog name pits Ping against ‘Ping’ – Star-Telegram

The Star-Telegram is reporting on a good friend of mine, Kent Pingel, whose site PingWi-Fi.com, appearing on the bottom of the menu column at the right, has been requested by Ping, Inc. to give up his site name and brand because they claim it conflicts with theirs. I mean the big guys can’t have anything that even comes close to their own name and brand right, so the exec’s can keep playing, well, golf? As the article reports, when Kent Pingel filed for a trademark on his site name and brand, he was immediately flagged down by Ping, Inc. and legally pursued to change the site name. The big guys against the little guy. There’s a lot of that going around these days. You can read the rest here.

Go Mavs!

Okay, not a huge sports fan in general, and usually basketball is at the bottom of my list of the sports I do get involved in. But this is really quite amazing. The Mavs have never done well my whole life and now they’re tearing it up in the finals. That’s pretty sweet. Man I hope they can keep this up …

And this guy is a mad-man when he plays!

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