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Updated: The New Age Trend Within Organizations

The New Age Trend Within Organizations – June 26, 2007

I have done a significant update to my post last year on the New Age trend going on right now on many corporate fronts. I felt it was important to clarify many of my points as well as add more content that I felt was necessary. More and more companies and organizations, including those that are public (such as AT&T and IBM), are apparently picking up this trend. At the end of the post, I have added what I feel to be where all of this could be headed, in the long-term political and private realms. We would do well to pay much closer attention to this and be on guard that, as believers in Christ, we must stand against such things, should they come our way.

What Exactly is China up to?

China’s latest boom industry: spying on British businesses

This isn’t just occurring in Europe, it’s here too …

U.S. charges 4 China spy suspects

And why are U.S. and Canadian-based businesses aiding a communist regime? All this for profit? Good grief …

Business helping China jail Internet dissidents

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