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This is all I’m going to say about that …

Dr. Gray slams Gore Warnings: ‘We’ll look back and realize how foolish it was’:

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Well I’m going to add some more … so many things have become trite and flavorless in our culture now. Something as important as a Nobel Peace prize, something given to people, ya know, who helped people escape certain death from Nazi death camps and survived themselves, then to be rightly granted the award, has become trite as well. Something that is clearly a theory and strongly debated in the scientific world itself has become fact among those elites who grant this once prestigious award. And on top of that, it is given to someone of the clearest hypocritical nature as Gore (the jets, SUV’s, houses, clearly not an environmentalist himself). The saddest thing to me about this is that people assuming the highest academic and cultured status in the world have now succumbed to the triteness infecting Western society. Something that once had meaning and depth has been made commonplace.

Congressional Aides Advised to get Vaccinations Before Attending NASCAR Events


This was the headline on Drudgereport.com: “REDNECK RASH: Congressional staffers urged to get immunized for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, diphtheria and influenza — before going to NASCAR races!”

Hardcore – Fighting Giraffe’s!

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

All I have to say is … Who brings a cockatoo to work, let’s it out of the cage, accidentally allowing it to get loose? Yes, there was a cockatoo flying around at work today on the 2nd floor. And when I heard it chirping, I stood up, and all of a sudden, it flew right over my head and landed on the blinds nearby. Good stuff. Isn’t there something in the HR policy about this? Well there will be now … good grief, do we have to define every possible thing you can and cannot do at work? Man our culture has lost all common sense. Regardless, that was quite hilarious.

A Convenient Lie – A Review of Live Earth

Live Earth: How shall I describe it? Democratic National Convention, one in a long line of hippy fests, possible political front for Al Gore’s Presidential bid in the near future, “Green” Woodstock, the largest hypocritical organized event in the world, GE fluorescent light bulb marketing campaign (via NBC), NBC-backed partisan political push for the Democrats, hybrid marketing campaign, excuse to go to a concert and drink yourself in the ground, a “progressive” excuse to protest an infringement of the climate on our constitutional rights (even if it is a theory), a reason for artists to be in the spotlight and market their music, a reason to be entertained for fans, a false way of feeling like you are making a difference when you are simply adding to the alleged problem by attending, a sham, a convenient way for the super rich and famous to be telling all of us peons what we should be doing and not be doing it themselves.

And no, Leonardo, there is no consensus in the scientific community on the issue. Why the fabrication? There is in fact a great divide. What a giant lie this whole thing is … and Al Gore, in the name of inclusion of all people from all types of backgrounds, you are excluding all those who disagree with you, like me and half of the scientific community. For pollution to be cut down at the levels it needs to be to reverse any supposed climate change caused by man, all construction and industrial production from all sectors of the world must cease immediately. And … purchasing carbon offsets is going to do the job? Really? I’m at a loss, basically this sums it up: Al Gore, people will go to anything where there are stars, music, beer, and a reason to protest; that does not necessarily mark success though in your fight at the phantom that is global warming. Makes my head hurt …

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Not Sure Why, But This Cracks Me Up

My Name is John Daker

Saddam Execution – Reporter a Bit Too Excited

… And got all “choked” up … eh oh!!

Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for her, but man, kinda funny.

Worship Leader Eats Dirt … This is Amazing and Painful

Guys, don’t forget about your capo …

Original: http://addisonrd.com/WordPress/?p=729

Awful Weatherman

This is just incredible … I mean you have to at least give him credit for perseverance …

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