NewsNote: Moral Clarity and the Fall of the Wall – Albert Mohler

This day 20 years ago, November 9, 1989, was the day the Berlin Wall fell and Communist forces conceded their oppressive reign. I was ten years old and although I didn’t understand the full implications at the time, I can still remember watching the event unfold on the television and my parents being thrilled. My dad then explained to me the significance of that moment. And studying the history of how it got to that point later on, it became much clearer how truly significant that day was.

In order to commemorate 20 years of what represented the fall of a tyrannous, authoritarian, Communistic regime imposed upon a large portion of Europe and all of Russia, I wanted to post a few images and a musical work that captures the cultural deprivation and devastation resulting from so many years of oppression and repression.

The Berlin Wall being built in 1961:

Zero incentive:

Economic stagnation and devastation:

From the system of government that stunned the world with a 2-cylinder, horsepower-of-a-car … lo and behold, the Trabant:

From the system of government who brought you the 2-cylinder horsepower of a car, the Trabant.

Fine craftsmanship:

This song from the pioneering electronic group Kraftwerk, entitled The Robots, sums up (at least to me) the mechanical nature of the former Communist society:

And then it all came tumbling down on November 9, 1989:


Extra: U2 on their interest in the Trabant and the reunification of Germany.